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Welcome to our site! Salinas Viagens e Turismo is a brasilian travel agency located in the beautiful brasilian northeast, famous for its year-round summer. Our staff may offer some of the best vacation opportunities - and we don't mean just sunny beaches.

Brasil is the largest country in South America - and offers the already famous beaches, tropical rainforests, cold sierras, small towns and big cities. Some of our attractions are well known around the world, but there is much more to know - and more to do on your next trip.

Our company takes care of everything for you - just give us a call and speak about your ideas, or let our staff research and put toghether that outstanding vacation you're dreaming about. From the Amazonian forest to the big city of São Paulo, we can offer you almost anything you want...

This space is optimized for Netscape or Internet Explorer v.4 or higher, and may better viewed at 800x600, high color. We're constantly upgrading the site, with the latest and best travel options.

Your comments are most welcome. If your favorite destination is not presented here, get in touch. We mean business, and our business is your next voyage.

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