Pousada Floripa is in Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará in the Northeast of Brazil.
  The city of Fortaleza the land of the Sun is a city with two million inhabitants. It is a seacoast city, presenting a beautiful seaside.
   Fortaleza provides several touristic attractions, such as touristic centers - with theaters, movies, regional dance, art exibition, typical food and drink and the display of local artcraft. The nights in Fortaleza are rich in entertainment, thanks to a great variety of restaurants, bars, and night clubs, which, agitated by the rhythm of live music, serve Brazilian and international food especially seafood.
   Besides, the visitor can go for a ride on a boat to contemplate the city from the ocean and to enjoy the constant breeze which Fortaleza is famous for. Of course the visitor can go for a walk too, but, if he prefers, he can simply rest at one of the comfortable rooms of Pousada Floripa.
   Fortaleza has several beaches, among them we can cite Praia das Fontes, Porto das Dunas (with its famous water park), Morro Branco, Majorlândia (where you can find dunes of colored sand), Lagoinha, Paracuru and Canoa Quebrada. The access to these beaches can be arranged by Pousada Floripa. You do not have to worry about when to visit Fortaleza. The weather here is always mild and the sun shines all the year round.
   As you can see, Fortaleza is a very intersting city. But Fortaleza has more than you expect to find. Our city has a big substructure. Its under construction at Pecém, near to Paracuru, an Industry Complex of Pecém. That Complex has a siderurgic Company, a German oil Refinery and many other Companys and Industries. Also, there will be built an "off show" harbour, ecologically projected to receive all kinds and sizes of ships. This will guarantee an extra income to our state, giving more jobs and a better life condition to the people of Fortaleza.